•  The EFX Reel!
  •  The Price Is Right
  •  The Game Of Life
  •  The Biggest Loser
  •  Battleship
  •  Hot Set
  •  America Now
  •  Mad TV
  •  DNA Live
  •  The Million $ Minute
  •  Frosty The Snowman
  •  Live VR Games

What They're Saying...

"Expectations were high as the show centered around production design the look of the graphics was key. Tom exceeded our expectations at every turn..."READ MORE

"What I like about Tom is that he doesn't just do what he's told. He expands on it and makes it better. He's a collaborative thinker and that's why I like working with him." READ MORE

"From an EP's perspective, working with Tom is as good as it gets! Impeccable graphics, A-list creativity, on-time delivery every time. And EFXanimation really cares about the end result... it's not "just another gig" for them. Can't recommend them highly enough!!!". READ MORE

The Things we do

  • >Game play design & graphics >LIVE Virtual 3D game graphics >Interactive post graphics
  • >Television design & graphics
    >Promo, Branding & Marketing
    >Real time 3D graphics
    >Virtualized sets
  • >Directing, shoot supervision >Location photography
    >Talent photography
    > Green Screen expert
  • >Print, product pak design
    >Web production
    >Writing, scripting & image
    >Editing, Sound edit & finishing